Lhasa - The Attic / Sexxor

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Originally released by Music Man in 1990, Lhasa's "The Attic" is an  unusual rarity: a Belgian record that sounds like it was influenced by  the then popular British bleep movement. It's not a bleep record per se,  but does include subtle nods to some of the biggest bleep records of  the period (including a chord sequence that pays tribute to the biggest  of the lot, "LFO" by LFO), as well as a chugging, saucer-eyed groove  that sounds like new beat sped up. It remains a fine record, as this  timely reissue proves. Interestingly, this time round it's backed by  previously unheard jam "Sexxor", a bouncy, acid-fired chunk of loopy  techno that boasts one of the most rush-inducing chord sequences we've  heard in a while.